About Us

STTOP serves as a forum for the sector leadership to engage with issues and challenges that face the Sector, and ultimately the individual.


There is a growing number of older persons who do not have access to the services that they need. However, there is insufficient acknowledgement of the challenges facing the aged in South Africa and the financial climate for organisations working in the sector is challenging.

Organisations are struggling with a lack of funding opportunities and limited capacity. While older persons themselves are changing the way they approach the Ageing process, the older persons sector is associated with low innovation. Organisations working with older persons are struggling to adapt to the changing landscape of issues facing older persons and the sector is characterised by a fragmented approach.


The older person’s sector is characterised by best practice, financial sustainability and innovation.


To provide support to member organisations within the older person’s sector to better know the sector, raise its profile, develop solutions and promote appropriate responses to needs in order to ultimately improve the quality of life of older persons.

What We Do

Capacity Building

To strengthen the leadership, capacity and sustainability of members through training and knowledge sharing.


To facilitate a cohesive voice and profile to influence policy and service delivery for older persons at the local, provincial, and national levels.

How We Do It

  • Disseminate research, resources and information to STTOP members
  • Provide information on and actively support organisations to provide best practices and innovation in the sector or other sector applicable to STTOP members via the website
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote dialogue between members about key issues facing the older persons sector
  • Act as a mechanism to share events, workshops and other opportunities between members
  • Engage with governmental departments at the local, provincial and national levels
  • Provide access to key decision makers within local and provincial government for member organisations where possible
  • Be a voice for advocacy for the protection of older persons


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Our Members

Here are our members who serve the elderly in many different ways by offering a variety of services.
Please visit their website to find out more about what they do