Every Age Deserves a Future

The Sector Task Team for Older Persons (STTOP), a registered non-profit organisation, was initiated in 2009 as a vibrant sector-wide body to promote best practice, innovation and sustainability within the older person’s sector


South Africa has a rapidly ageing, mostly poor population that is anticipated to double by 2030. Organisations designed to help are working in isolation with limited resources to simply just manage existing services, with no thought invested into the business of change, growth and innovation. Things must change!


Collective action is a key way to raise the profile of the needs of older persons and we have a collective ability to innovate solutions based on our lived experience. We need to connect, collaborate and agitate!


STTOP serves as a forum for the sector leadership to engage with issues and challenges that face the Sector, and ultimately the individual. It has a central coordinating function, as well as its own project activities, including a website and a national expansion plan.

The membership has identified the following projects for

  • Increase access to affordable housing through policy change and innovation
  • Provide access to affordable transport in Khayelitsha via a task team of stakeholders
  • Implement the SIFAR digital patient assessment tool
  • Understanding the barriers to raising the voice of the older persons and strengthening their voice to tackle/develop their own solutions
  • Support partner organisations in furthering the following objectives:
    • Improve Dementia awareness
    • Support SAAHA in progressing the development of an accredited carer course and register
  • Create national interest and collaboration in the work of STTOP

The office will ensure the following support to member organisations in each project by way of:

  • Facilitating bi-monthly membership meetings for monitoring and evaluation
  • Facilitating meetings with the all tiers of Government and their Provincial Standing Committees
  • Accessing activist groups for advice and guidance on raising the voice of older persons
  • Advocating and lobbying for best policy and practice by facilitating co-ordinated action between member organisations

Our Members

Here are our members who serve the elderly in many different ways by offering a variety of services.
Please visit their websites to find out more about what they do

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